• Specifications
  • Section: Hand Made
  • Number Of Cigars: 20
  • Size: Gustosos
  • Measurements
  • Length: 168
  • Diameter: 52
  • Weight: 12.5 gr
Experience the ritual of exceptional cigar smoking with the Partagás Línea Maestra Rito Cigar.

Stretching 168mm with a 52 ring gauge, the Rito is a grand expression of the cigar maker's art. This bold, yet nuanced blend offers layers of complexity, featuring rich notes of leather, cocoa, and a hint of pepper.

The Rito is crafted for those who appreciate a longer, more engaging Cuban Cigar smoke that evolves with every draw. Revel in the craftsmanship and heritage of Partagás with every puff. Factory name: Gustosos.
  • Net Price:$ 2,510
  • Availability: Available