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Tasting Notes

Tasting Note by Michael Frandsen, CA- USA

just smoked my last 97 Sir Winston . If you have never had one of these beautiful cigars, I shall try to share with you my experience with this fine example. The cigar was nicely packaged and overall the cigar was a beautiful mahogany color, with a subtle sheen to the outer wrap.

I used a v-cut and the draw was perfect, with a slight resistance to the draw. I went out to my patio with my cigar and a glass of Ambassador 25 y/o scotch, while listening to Pink Floyd (You can listen to whatever you want, but Floyd just sounded great with this gar). I toasted the gar with a torch lighter and after I had a nice ash, I started my experience.

The first draw was creamy cocoa with a hint of coffee. I did not taste any bitterness nor any aftertaste, except a slight taste of cinnamon (yep I can spell too. ) The 1/3 of the smoke had a very smooth and cool draw with voluminous amounts of light gray smoke. The aroma lingered long afterwards.

The 2/3 of the smoke was pretty much the same as the first except I tasted notes of citrus and more earthy notes.

The last and final third of the smoke was as good if not better than the first third, I tasted notes of spice and more rich cream flavor.

Overall I found that this is above and beyond my most favorite cigar. I have tried a large amount of cigars both domestic and otherwise .
Now onto the scoring.
Construction: 9 out of 10
Appearance: 9 out of 10
Flavor: 10 out of 10
Strength: 6.5 out of 10
Aroma: 10 out of 10 (rich and earthy with hints of cedar and spice)
Draw: 10 out of 10 (perfect)
Finish: 10 out of 10 (Very Complex and smooth)
Value: 10 out of 10 (This is relative to what your taste is)
Overall: 10 out of 10 (This cigar is the Holy Grail of quality cigars, it is subtle and complex without being overbearing. I would associate it to a nice aged Bordeaux wine.)

Now I know there is some new cigar smokers out there that will see this review and say that this is the cigar for me. I would recommend that you do not get this cigar until you have trained your palate. This cigar is very complex and subtle. If you have not had high quality or very many cigars, I would say hold off for awhile. If you have the palate and the hunger for outstanding cigars, than look no further."

Tasting Note by Ralph, WA- USA

The cigar that I reviewed yesterday afternoon was a Trinidad Reyes. Trinidad as a brand was first introduced and available to the public in 1997. Before 1997, Trinidad cigars (the Fundadore was the only vitola produced) were used as official diplomatic gifts from the Cuban Government to foreign ambassadors, politicians, etc. However, in 2004 Trinidad introduced three new sizes: The Reyes (a tres petit corona), the Coloniales (a petit corona), and the Robustos Extra (a gran robusto).

Before I began to smoke this cigar, I was struck by its perfection. The wrapper was a beautiful golden Colorado brown, with an oily sheen. The three seam capa was perfectly constructed as well as the pigtail which sat atop this picture perfect puro. Visually, this cigar was amazing, and it is clear that first class raw materials are used, as well as first class torcedors. In a word: Flawless.

The pre-light aroma was earthy with floral undertones, and the draw was perfect. As I clipped the cap with a Zino Guillotine cutter, and put the cigar to flame with my Dupont Xtend, my mouth was filled with billows of smoke upon my first puff. To say the least, I was surprised to see such a small cigar create such large amounts of smoke. I must also make it clear that I was careful not to rush this cigar by drawing to fast or too hard – doing either would make the cigar burn hot, which in turn leaves the bitter/harsh notes.

This cigar was very complex. After each puff I was amazed with the complexity in flavors that were left on my palate. With my fist few puffs there was an indescribable sweetness that remained on my tongue for a few seconds. The bean flavors were also more prominent than any cigar I have ever smoked. Chocolate and vanilla were in the foreground of this smoke. The aroma was also nothing short of amazing. For the first third, the aroma was redolent of cocoa.

After the first eighth, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the vanilla tastes. The aroma also changed. It smelled like an assortment of exotic roasted nuts. I must admit that I found myself holding the cigar near my nose, or inhaling a bit of smoke after I released it from my mouth. Again, the aroma was remarkable.

At various points throughout the length of this cigar, my palate was treated with the floral elements that were noticed in the pre-light aroma. As the pre-light construction appeared to be perfect, this held true as the cigar was being smoked. The ash was razor sharp (I didn’t have to touch it up a single time), and it was a very unique white color. Often, I notice that my ash is very dark, or more commonly a shade of grey. However, this cigars’ ash was almost a snowy shade of white, which remained on the cigar without falling off up until the half-way point. Again, visually stunning.

As I moved into and beyond the half-way point, the cigar did become a little stronger. The notes of chocolate that were in the foreground earlier, developed into what tasted similar to a Bolivian organic blend of coffee, which left a clean and fresh taste on the palate. This was also blended in perfect balance with the floral elements, which again, started to appear with more prominence.

Into the last quarter, the coffee notes began to become stronger, and hints of spice also began to arise. I also noticed a tanginess that reminded me of the ‘tangy’ flavor noticed in Bolivar cigars. This taste was subtle, and only appeared for a mere two puffs.

Needless to say, I smoked this cigar until it literally was burning both my fingers and my lips. It tasted so good that I tried my best to smoke every last bit of it.

In conclusion, this cigar receives my highest possible rating, and at this moment is the best cigar I have ever smoked to date. It was not particularly strong, but full of real substance.

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