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Styles of presentation
Choices and more choices. There are six forms of presentation for individual Habanos, and an abundance of options when it comes to the packs you can buy.

With bands
The classic fully-dressed Habano. Sometimes for special limited editions a second band is added

Without bands:
Some brands’ vitolas escape the Anilladora’s attention entirely whilst others do so occasionally

Cedar-wrap ( cedros)
The subtle aroma of cedar imparts a delicacy to the flavor and some factories wrap each cigar accordingly. The wood is porous so the cigars can be kept like this in a humidor

Aluminum Tubes
Created for railway companies in the 1930s, cedar-lined aluminum tubes help to preserve cigars from damage and drying out. Ideal for outdoor pursuits like yachting or mountaineering. Decant the cigars from the tubes when placing them in humidor.

Employed by just one Habano brand at present – Fonseca. The tissue offers a modicum of protection for the wrapper.

Most habano brands have from time to time been wrapped in cellophane sleeves for some countries. Today cellophane in used only for machine made Habano.

Round versus box-pressed Cigars
All habanos are round when they leave the Torcedor’s bench. However when they are placed in labeled boxes of 25 cigars they are pressed into a square shape because the box is deliberately made too small. Why? At first perhaps it was to prevent damage during shipping but, as with many aspects of Habano world, the original thinking is lost in time.
In some brands most of the vitolas are box-pressedm in other none are. More box-pressed than round Habanos  are bought each year, but the choice of shape is yours.

Labelled Box ( 25 Cigars)
This is the standard Habanos package, equivalent to a case of 12 bottles of wine. The Cigars in the box are always banded and always box pressed unless they are in cedar-wraps or tubes
Semi Boite Nature or SBN ( 24, 25 or 50 Cigars)
The frensh name for this box confirms its Gallic origin. Some Boxes are plain wood, others are varnished. The brand marks are hot-stamped into the wood, the Cigars are always round 
Cabinet Selection - SLB 25 or 50 Cigars
SLB means for Slide Lid Box, a presentation created for the British at the start of 20th century for selected cabinet quality Habanos, Plan wood and varnished versions. Cigars are always round
Cabinet Boite Nature - CBN ( 25 Cigars)
Varnished natural wood boxes with fully formed lids sometimes bearing the brand emblem in gold foil. Others are left plain. A presentation reserved for a very special cigars that always round 
8-9-8  ( 25 Cigars)
Varnished boxes with telltale curved sides, round cigars with bands are arranged in three rows - 8 on the top, 9 in the middle and 8 on the bottom, hence the name 
Bundles or Mazos ( 25 Cigars)
Bundles or round cigars without bands secured with a silk ribbon and wrapped in silver foil to prevent damage and preserve moisture, some boxes are wooden and others are made from cardboard
Small packs ( 1, 3, 5 or 10 Cigars)
smaller pascks made ideal gift, three and five come in pocket sizes cardboard cartons, the tens are packed in smaller version of the 25 cigar labelled boxes
from time to time you will see limited editions of habanos offering  special packs or special sizes that are not normally available in a particular brand

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