Lot N° 4


  • Starting Bid

    $ 10,000

  • Last Bid Price

    $ 200

  • Increment

    $ 1,000

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  • Specifications
  • Section: Hand Made
  • Size: Various Sizes
  • Measurements
  • Weight: 14.5 g

The Trinidad Casilda Colección Habanos is a La Casa Del Habanos exclusive release, a 7.28” (185mm) by 53, and comes in a book-shaped box of 24 cigars. Released in 2019, this is the perfect collectors’ item as its supply is surely very rare, being sold exclusively at La Casa Del Habanos stores and as only 3,000 boxes have been produced, each box being numbered from 1 to 3,000. As it is part of the Colección Habanos, it comes in a mandatory and very elegant book-shaped wooden cabinet, which never offered that many cigars except the “Obras Completas” Edition (released in 2011) which holds 30 cigars. As expected is among the pricier cigars out of Cuba. The cigar itself is also unique; being of Sobresalientes No.2 vitola (Double Robusto shape), it is a massive cigar, perfectly rolled with tobacco grown in the Vuelta Abajo region. As every Trinidad cigar, the triple cap ends with the typical Trinidad pigtail.